The Iconic Uptown Theatre which we now call home has a rich history here in Orangeville dating back to 1927. Over the years it has entertained the locals and been a social hub for the community. We are proud to call this classic building our home. We hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane...

Uptown's History

Orangeville’s iconic Uptown Theatre was built circa 1927, near the end of the silent era of movies. The cinema was remodeled in the late-1940’s and operated as a single screen movie theater until the late-1970’s, when a second screen was added upstairs. In 2002, the Uptown Theatre closed its doors.


Our church purchased the old theatre shortly after it had ceased operations. And with special thanks to our congregation, over 26,000 volunteer hours went into cleaning up and restoring the historic destination! Embracing our building’s roots, we lovingly restored the old theatre seating, as it existed in the old Uptown. In 2014, we refurbished the iconic marque and lighting, which served as a beacon on Broadway for many years.


Today, services are conducted in the main floor auditorium, where faith-based movies are still regularly screened; popcorn and all. The upstairs levels are utilized for children’s ministries and other in-house events.


Uptown Theatre opens it's doors




Second screen added upstairs


Uptown Theatre closes it's doors


Good Friends Church purchases the building